Monday, November 1, 2010


A few weeks ago I bought tickets for my husband and I to go see the play thriller at Kingsbury Hall down in Salt Lake. We were able to go with my friend Nikki and her husband Denton (we were so sad Josh and Capri could not make it! Although Casey and Denton said you didn't miss anything! Us girls will just go next time!) We went to dinner at Red Robing first which was really good! I had not been there in forever! Then we went down to the show! For those of you that know me I am the biggest chicken! I do not like scary things! Casey made me mad when we got there because he made me believe it was going to be really scary! ( I am stupid becuase I totally forgot he didn't even know anything about it!) When we first got seated there the zombies that were in the play were walking around all freaky like! They would get right in your face and I mean right in your face and just stare at you! I wish I had pictures just so you know how close they were! They play had some really good parts in it and also had it share of stupid parts too. Overall I am glad I went but I don't think it's one I would go to again!

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